Swimming Pool Shade

Swimming Pool Shade

We all love having fun in the outdoor swimming pool area, but it’s really hard to swim in the hot season, the harshness of the sun will not allow us enjoy the swimming pool. To overcome this problem swimming pool shades help us to protect our body from harsh UV Rays. When it comes to pool enjoyment and protection from the sun UV rays you must make use of swimming pool shade structure to keep yourself and family protected. We are here helping people by providing all kind of swimming pool shades in Kenya with all supply and installation services.

Swimming Pool Shade Sail:
Swimming Pool Shade sails are custom made designs and are build up as per client requirements and needs. A metallic structure is built upon the foundations and shading fabric will hang on it in different designs and requirements.

Swimming Pool Shade Structure:
We offer heavy-duty metal frame swimming pool shade structure for big swimming pools. These structures are available in different structure and fabric material like PVC fabric. These structures are available in two options:

1. Cantilever Design
2. Curve Design

Both designs are built with high-quality material that provide 5 to 10 years warranty on fabric and structure material. Cantilever and Curve design pool shades are supported with steel structure and cover with shading net cover. We customized these structures as per client requirements and provide supply and installation on site.