How to Prevent Sun Damage to Car Interior


The sun and heat can be very damaging to a car. Research shows that the interior air temperatures have been recorded well in excess of 145° F and vehicle interior surface temperatures on areas exposed to direct sunlight in excess of 195°F.

Just as the dashboard and seats, a car’s finish and engine are also at risk. So whether you live in a warm climate year-round, it’s always best to be safe and prepared.

Protecting your interior

Park in the shade: Avoiding direct sunlight helps keep the dash from drying and cracking. Where safe, open the windows a crack to help lower the interior temperature and equalize the air pressure.

Install seat covers: They protect leather and fabric seats and also keep them cool.

Protect leather seats with a conditioner: Apply leather conditioner often to avoid cracks or tears and to keep the seats clean.

Use a windshield sun protector: Prevents the car from the suns damage and keeps it cool.

Wipe dash with a microfiber cloth: wipe down the dash frequently to remove all particles. Dust and dirt cause tiny scratches that becomes worse over time.

Under the hood

Cooling system: Make sure it is in good working condition to protect the engine from overheating. Have the belts checked and coolant drained and replaced on a regular basis.

Battery: have the vehicles battery and complete charging system checked regularly to ensure its proper functioning.

Air conditioning: Have the air conditioning system checked regularly by a professional. Staying cool keeps you comfortable and helps you stay alert when driving.

The rest of the fluids: Regularly check levels of motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid.

Be sure to stay cool and safe no matter how hot it gets. A little preventative maintenance and simple upkeep can keep you on the road and out of your mechanic’s garage.


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