Importance of shading your car


Shades are not only fantastic for covering parking lots, but they provide great shelter to playgrounds, picnic areas and pools. Here are reasons why shade structures are very important.

1. Protection from UV radiation
Too many UV rays to unprotected surfaces can lead to skin damage, skin cancer and eye damage. It is important to monitor exposure you or your children receive while outside.

2. Temperature regulation
On a sunny day, the material on playground equipment gets very hot and risky to your child. Having a shade over these structures prevents the sun from overheating them.

3. Material preservation
Too much exposure to the sun can have a serious corrosive effect on playground equipment. The plastics fade and break down and the metals corrode. Under direct sunlight corrosion is quicker, shades can slow the process down or prevent it altogether.

4. Weather invulnerability
Shades extend the life of your structure by shielding it from hail and other extreme weather damage. Shades are made of either metal or fabric canopies. Metal canopies are best option for hail protection. Fabric canopies are good options for protection from direct sunlight.

5. Financial incentive
Shading adds more years to the lifetime of the park or playground equipment and can even add a touch of style. They prevent breakdown of expensive equipment.


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